Success Stories

Helping sellers just like you.


Every property tells a story. Here’s a small selection of success stories from recent sellers that have put their trust in me to sell their homes and move onto the next chapter of their lives.

Eimear – Hackney

Eimear and her partner had a gorgeous two bedroom flat in Hackney. With a new baby, they wanted to move to larger home outside London. A familiar story.

The flat was listed for sale prior to lockdown but the buyer pulled out due to issues concerning the roof.

Eimear decided she didn’t want to start afresh with her existing agent as she felt their advice hadn’t been in her best interest when it came to the roof issues.

When Eimear reached out to me I advised that we should wait until after lockdown to re-launch the property from scratch.

Upon re-launch, prospective buyers were fully advised a new roof was required and that Eimear would deduct the cost of the roof from the agreed purchase price.

I wanted to place a positive spin on the fact they’d be benefiting from a new roof at without cost and whittle out those that didn’t like the idea of taking on arranging a new roof after completion.

Eimear didn’t want the hassle of reroofing herself and it would have been tricky to organise and supervise not living in London.

I helped arrange and personally meet with roofing contractors as their quotes were to play an integral part of the negotiations.

After competitive bidding, a price was negotiated in excess of her previous sale agreed price to 1st time buyer Ben.

Eimear’s property journey was rather stressful but we got there and with monies banked from the sale, she’s now in a very strong, chain free position to buy her forever home.

Clare, E6

I often attract sellers already on the market but struggling to find a buyer. Clare is one such customer. Her previous agent had done plenty of viewings and even agreed a sale.

But the buyer was stalling, making excuses on their finances and it became apparent the agent hadn’t done sufficient due diligence on the buyer’s proof of funds at the time of agreeing the sale.

On top of this, she was concerned her agent had been poor at communicating feedback from viewers and even reporting offers.

Clare approached me to see if I could help.

We looked at the market – examining recent sales and Clare agreed the asking price needed to be amended. We also discovered errors on the previous agent’s floorplan.

We then started afresh with new professional photos, a proper floorplan and an asking price more reflective of the market.

13 viewings and 10 days later, a sale was agreed at the high end of our deployed guide price range and Clare is now off to Glasgow to start a job.

Wendy, Tottenham

Wendy had been on and off the market for 2 years with various local agents without a single offer on the table. We made arrangements to meet at the property and I could see instantly see what the issue was.


The house was full to the brim. So much so that it was impossible to enter bedrooms 2 and 3.

I had to be honest with Wendy but she was initially adamant she wasn’t prepared to remove all the possessions she’d accumulated as she’d nowhere to put them.

On that basis, I had to advise I’d be unable to help her.

I knew what buyers reaction would be and it’s simply impossible to sell a property at the best price if buyers can’t properly view an entire home – top to bottom.

I had to be cruel to be kind and was surprised to hear from Wendy that the other agents hadn’t mentioned the abundance of clutter with her.  Wendy is a tough cookie and appreciated my honesty. She knew deep down it was the right thing to do.

I suggested some storage firms that could help with packing and the house was cleared and literally transformed.

Wendy can’t believe the difference it’s made and viewings are currently ongoing with the first offer now on the table. It’s not quite high enough but negotiations are work in progress.