Simon's Manifesto


Simon Taylor is a new agency, fresh out of the box for 2020.

In the driving seat is me, Simon: not your usual estate agent, but a friend in the know with plenty of grey hairs and 21 years of property experience.

I’m very fortunate. I really love what I do and I’m proud that people believe I’m talented at it. Property, people and successful deal making are my true passions alongside my family.

Service, Service, Service

My premise has always been to treat people with respect and work hard for them, they will reward you with their custom again and again. My late grandfather, a successful retailer, would always tell me to ‘leave with a good name’. That advice is in my DNA.

I’m here to take the strain. Whether it be a probate sale, delicate matrimonial situation or a move abroad, I’ve seen it all. I’m on your side, let me deal with viewings, feedback and the delicate negotiations on price with the buyer.

Genuine Advice

You’ll receive comprehensive feedback after each and every viewing or meeting. You won’t be bombarded with useless info when there’s nothing to report and updates on your property or transaction will be timely, supportive and strategic.

Details Matter

I am methodical. You’ll receive pricing guidance based on real data. I believe numbers backed by firm facts and evidence are more useful than numbers plucked out of thin air.

I’ll work with you to prepare superior brochure details and photographs. If the weather isn’t up to scratch, we’ll simply change the date of the photography.

Fair Fees

My agency services are not for those seeking a bargain bucket, no frills estate agency package. I’m here for those that believe a skilled agent can genuinely add value and extract the very best possible sale price. Fees are payable on a successful sale only.

Everyone is different. I’m here to listen to your needs and ask the right questions, tailoring solutions to fit your requirements.

I appreciate the time and effort that goes into getting your home ship shape for viewings to ensure it's looking its best. That’s why I qualify every single viewer when they register with us - establishing time frames, financial position and motivation to move.

Less Noise, More Clarity

The London property market is changing.

In depth knowledge of the market helps me spot signs and trends before they’re picked up by the media. You’ll receive straightforward, no BS advice based on what’s happening from the coalface of the market.

Let’s Do It Again One Day

This shouldn't be just a one off. The majority of my customers are people who I’ve dealt with many times before and I work hard to keep it that way.

Giving Back

I feel I have an obligation to help others less fortunate than myself. 1% of every fee received is given to charities supporting homelessness, children’s wellbeing and the elderly.

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