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About Simon Taylor

With 20 years of property experience, I think it is fair to say that I am now an accomplished and experienced estate agent. Before opening my own independent estate agent, I spent five years building the East London Team for Purple Bricks from zero to the largest agent in the area by market share. Now that I am self-employed, I can offer sellers and buyers in East Ham my first-class service that delivers honest advice and knowledge of the local property market - key to helping my clients achieve the best asking price and selling their East Ham property first.


Why choose me to sell your East Ham home?

Market knowledge: A good estate agent should have a deep understanding of the local market conditions, including recent sales trends, pricing dynamics, and neighbourhood-specific insights. 
This local knowledge of the East Ham property market allows me to price your property appropriately and develop effective marketing strategies that work within the community.

Experience: Experience matters when it comes to selling homes. As an agent with a proven track record and years of experience in selling homes, I have a brilliant understanding of the selling process, negotiation skills, and the ability to handle various challenges that may arise during the preparation, marketing and transaction process.

Marketing expertise: Effective marketing of your property is crucial to selling quickly and at the right price. I can offer a comprehensive marketing plan that includes professional photography, staging advice, online listings, social media promotion and traditional advertising methods. I also have an extensive network of potential buyers and contacts within the industry.

Personal compatibility: Selling a home can be complex and stressful, so working with an estate agent with whom you have good chemistry and feel comfortable working with is important. With me by your side, you have a responsive estate agent who listens to your needs and promptly addresses your concerns.

About East Ham

East Ham is a diverse residential area in the London Borough of Newham, in the eastern part of London. Historically, it has been known for its affordability compared to other areas of London, making it an attractive location for buyers and renters. The area offers a mix of housing options, including Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses, post-war council estates, and newer developments.

Property prices in East Ham, like much of London, have experienced significant increases over the years. However, they generally tend to be lower than some more central and affluent city areas. The average property prices in East Ham vary depending on factors such as property type, size, condition, and location within the area.

It's worth noting that the property market is subject to change, and local market conditions can fluctuate over time. Therefore, it's always a good idea to consult up-to-date information to get the most accurate and current information about the property market in East Ham, London.

To find out more about the current market and trends in and around East Ham, reach out to me so I can give you an accurate update on the market. 


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