15th June 2020


I’m fortunate.  I’ve never been short of clients wanting to leave me lovely reviews over the years.  Truth be told, they’re great for the soul, a serious confidence booster and addictive as you know your best is making a difference.

This latest review is from Gavin Brazg The Editor of  the UK's most respected property information website.

If you're not familiar with The Advisory, it's an indispensable tool for anyone seeking reliable data & tips on anything related to the housing market.

'Most house sellers undersell their homes because their local estate agents are averagely skilled at their craft and lack integrity. They put their commission before their client’s best interests.

Sadly there are few truly great estate agents left in the UK as most have grown lazy on a diet of posting property on Rightmove & waiting/praying for the phone to ring.

That is not a real estate agency. And it’s not what will get you the highest possible price for your prized asset.

In amongst all that we have Simon Taylor. A rare gem & truly great estate agent.

Whenever I have something to sell that falls into Simon’s patch he is the first & only call I need to make.

House sales are too important to take a chance on & with Simon I know a 100% “regret-free” sale is guaranteed.'