National Pancake Day

28th February 2022

National Pancake Day

National Pancake Day - Best Pancakes in East London

Get your eggs, butter, and milk ready, as National Pancake Day is here!

Pancake Day always arrives 47 days before Easter, with Shrove Tuesday falling on 1 March in 2022.

The most important part of this day is to stuff ourselves silly with stacks of fluffy pancakes. Top them off with your favourite toppings, or try something different like chocolate syrup or an unusual fruit pairing. Pancakes also have different variations like crepes and even waffles, so you can always tweak it a bit.

If you prefer to eat out, in east London, the surroundings are as relaxed as the dish itself, with cool, laid-back cafes being the order of the day. East London shows far more exciting pancakes than the usual combination of lemon and sugar. 

Here is a guide to the best places for pancakes in east London - enjoy!

Candy Floss

Candy Floss Crêperie is truly different from other dessert parlours in East London. All the ingredients are top quality and tested over and over again to create top standard and delicious dishes for the customers. With an astonishing menu of interesting dishes, flavours, centred around candy floss , Candy floss Creperie is able to offer you an unique experience to make you feel at home and part of their family.

Where is it? 315 Romford Rd, London E7 9HA and 20-22 Old Church Rd, London E4 8DD

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The Breakfast Club

The best day of the year they’re celebrating the big day with four showstopping, bring the house down Pancake Specials available until 6th March. Plus the return of their annual 12 pancakes in 12 minutes Pancake Challenge. Can you hack the stack? All cafes will be open from 8 am until late.

Where is it? The Breakfast Club, 2-4 Rufus Street, Hoxton, East London N1 6PE.

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Polo Bar 

Serving towering stacks with ice cream and cake slices 24-hours a day, Polo Bar takes an unapologetic approach to pancakes. Not just on Shrove Tuesday, it’s a whole week of pancake fun with specials, including Terry’s chocolate orange and Cointreau cream, smoked salmon and cream cheese, or a vegan-friendly peanut butter jelly stack. Can you take on the challenge and beat the pancake tower challenge? Many have tried, few have succeeded.

Where is it? 176 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 4NQ.

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Granger & CO

Australian import Granger & Co are very famous for their ‘hotcake’ pancakes. You could even say they are possibly one of  London’s most photographed brunch dishes. Their fluffy hotcakes are made with ricotta cheese and topped with honeycomb butter and caramelised banana. They are most certainly the reason you’ll never see Granger & Co without a queue.

Where is it? Clerkenwell Green, 50 Sekforde Street, London EC1R 0HA.

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Osu Vegan

You’ve probably heard by now that coconut water is a serious superfood. Osu uses it to make their vegan, gluten and guilt-free pancakes. Find them in East London’s Broadway Market.

Where is it? Broadway Market, London Fields, London, E8 4PH.

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Pancakes at La Petite Bretagne

Everything about this creperie is French: the recipes, the decor, the music, the staff and the clientele. It's also another ideal venue for coeliacs as the galettes are wheat- and gluten-free, and sweet crepes can be gluten-free if you ask. 

Where is it? 12 Kingsland High Street, E8 2JP and 5-7 Beadon Road, W6 0EA.

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For those who want ready-made pancakes delivered to their door, Just Eat offers customers a generous 20% off top restaurants and supermarkets this Pancake Day, March 1st.