How Fresh Marketing Saved Linda's Home Sale Without Dropping the Price

11th October 2023

How Fresh Marketing Saved Linda's Home Sale Without Dropping the Price  

Let Me Tell You About Linda 

Selling your house can be a daunting experience, and for Linda, it turned into a five-month-long struggle. 
She had her 3-bedroom semi-detached house in Chingford on the market with a high street, but despite an initial burst of interest, the viewings dwindled, and communication with her agent fell silent. 

It seemed like the only solution was to drop the asking price significantly. However, that's when a turning point occurred, and a different approach was proposed - one that focused on enhancing marketing efforts before considering a price reduction.

The Turning Point

Linda's story took a remarkable turn when she received a letter from me to that offered an alternative strategy for selling her home. Instead of immediately slashing the asking price, a more nuanced approach was suggested. This involved rejuvenating the listing with fresh marketing materials and an improved online presence.

The Strategy

To reignite interest in Linda's property, a comprehensive marketing strategy was put into action. Here's what we did to turn things around:

Fresh Images: We began by capturing new, high-quality images of Linda's home. Professional photographs can make a significant difference in how potential buyers perceive a property. These images highlighted the best features of her house, making it more appealing to potential buyers.  The previous agent had incorporated just 1 shot of the garden.  We utilised 5

Updated Floor Plan: A detailed and updated floor plan was created and included in the listing. Dimensions for each room were added as well as a compass mark to show off the west facing garden.  This was missed on previous marketing material.

Compelling Video Tour: We also produced a compelling video tour of Linda's home. Video tours are becoming increasingly popular in real estate marketing, as they allow potential buyers to virtually explore the property from the comfort of their own homes. This video was shared on various social media channels to reach a broader audience.

Social Media Spotlight: Social media can be a powerful tool in real estate marketing. We strategically shared the video tour and images on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This not only increased visibility but also engaged with potential buyers directly.

The Result

The results of this enhanced marketing strategy were nothing short of remarkable. Within just three weeks, Linda's property saw a resurgence of interest. Here's what happened:

Increased Viewings: The fresh images, updated floor plan, and engaging video tour piqued the curiosity of potential buyers. Linda received five new viewings within the first three weeks of implementing the new marketing approach.

Satisfactory Offer: The renewed interest eventually led to a satisfactory offer on Linda's property. It's important to note that this was achieved without altering the asking

price. Linda was able to secure the value she deserved for her home, a result she had initially thought was out of reach.


Linda's story is a testament to the power of a well-executed marketing strategy in the world of real estate. Instead of resorting to a significant price reduction, we focused on enhancing the presentation and online visibility of her property. The results were clear - a revived interest in her home and a successful sale without compromising on the asking price.

In today's competitive real estate market, it's crucial to explore all available options before rushing to drop the price. Fresh marketing techniques can make a significant difference, attracting potential buyers and securing a fair deal for sellers like Linda. So, if you're facing challenges in selling your property, consider investing in a comprehensive marketing approach before making drastic price reductions. It might just be the turning point you need to achieve your desired outcome.