Can Every Loft Be Converted

20th March 2023

Can Every Loft Be Converted

The bulk of the properties I sell across East London are mid terrace, period houses.  

Many have loft conversions and for the ones that don’t, you can pretty much guarantee that prospective buyers will have one eye on ‘future proofing’ any purchase by way of being able to convert the loft space further down the line.

But is every loft suitable for a loft conversion?  The answer is not always a ‘yes.’ Here are some factors to consider:

1.    Roof structure: Is your roof structure cut out for the job? If you have a traditional cut roof, you're in luck - it's the easiest to convert. Truss roofs and purlin roofs can also be converted, but may require more structural work.

2.    Head height: Can you stand tall in your potential new loft space? You'll need at least 2.2m of head height from floor to ceiling. If you're a little short on space, don't worry - there are options to raise the roof or lower the ceiling below to make it work.

3.    Access: Can you get up there? You'll need a safe and functional staircase to access your new loft space. If you don't have one already, consider the space available on the floor below.

4.    Building regulations: Does your loft meet building regulations for a conversion? From fire safety to insulation to structural stability, there are plenty of requirements to meet. A loft conversion specialist can help ensure everything is up to snuff.

5.    Planning permission: Do you need planning permission? It depends on the specifics of your property, so it's always best to check with your local planning authority before starting any work.

A loft conversion done really well can unquestionably add value and extra living space to your home. 

But it's important to take the time to assess whether your loft is suitable for a conversion before diving in. With a little research and the help of a specialist, you can be on your way to loft living in no time!

I hope this helps!

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