Why Buy A Flat When You Can Buy A House?

17th March 2021

Why Buy A Flat When You Can Buy A House?

Once upon a time, apartments in glossy high rises with concierges and gyms were all the rage.  Crikey, areas such as Canary Wharf and Stratford are stuffed full of them.

But Covid has brought change. 

Priorities have altered and as we all spend more time at home these days, it’s the house, particularly the period house that’s very much in vogue. 

Recent open days in East Ham, Plaistow and Walthamstow at attractive, mid-terrace homes have attracted a tidal wave of prospective buyers predominantly from those currently residing in flats. 

Some viewers tell me they have small balconies, some have communal spaces and many have no outside space whatsoever.

The number 1 ‘must have’ for most of today’s buyers is a garden - one’s own private oasis. 

And for the price of a 2 bedroom flat in Canary Wharf or Hackney Wick, buyers are in search of space with areas such as East Ham, Plaistow and Manor Park proving attractive, decent value for money and the most likely in my opinion to see long term capital appreciation.

Nobody knows what the future may hold for London house prices but I suspect gardens and period homes will be in fashion for some time to come.