Who Likes Losing Money?

21st July 2020

Who Likes Losing Money?

Who Likes Losing Money?

Nobody and certainly not £8,500.  A client of mine in Hackney has had a very close call.

£8,500. That's a serious chunk of money.

I've been marketing a flat on Downs Park Road in Hackney.  Ironically but fortunately for the seller, the sale fell through when advertised with another agent. 

Upon my appoinment as the new selling agent, I conducted 5 viewing days that yielded 6 offers. From this, a new sale has been agreed £8,500 in excess of the previous sale agreed price.

A rollercoaster for the client but she's delighted.

Remember folks, don't even think about selling without speaking to Simon.

Less stress and your bank balance will thank you.