What’s Your Regretted Pandemic Purchase?

13th November 2021

What’s Your Regretted Pandemic Purchase?

What’s Your Regretted Pandemic Purchase?

UK buyers regretted pandemic purchases worth more than £6 billion.

88% of Brits spent money on treat purchases during the pandemic at the cost of more than £57.6 billion across the nation. On average, £1,205 per purchaser.

Londoners and those at home with children under 18 were the two highest-spending groups, making purchases amounting to £2,812.26 and £2,070.35.

Of those that bought something, 33% found that their purchases made lockdown more enjoyable, and almost three in 10 purposefully selected things that would make them or their family happy.

The most popular purchases were clothes and shoes, a choice for more than half of the UK population at 54%.

Gadgets and electrical goods were must-buys for millions of UK adults, with 34% of people buying smartphones or tablets, 18% gaming equipment, and 24% choosing kitchen equipment.

16% of UK adults went for the home gym equipment, while musical instruments were choice for 8% of the population. 5% say they bought a hot tub during the pandemic.

Being at home for such an extended period meant that Brits became imaginative about spending their money. People have emerged from lockdown with an impressive array of quarantine buys, whether to keep themselves or their families entertained.

Buyers Remorse 

Unfortunately, there seems to be some ‘buyer’s remorse’ felt across the UK. 

A survey has suggested that one in 10 people have expressed their regret over buying items ranging from hot tubs to DIY tools during the pandemic, who admitted typically spending nearly £1,400 on the items.

The research suggests many of these items are gathering dust, with 9% of buyers saying they no longer use certain pandemic purchases, 11% using items less than expected and 8% not using them at all. Other items have found new homes, with 8% of people selling or giving away items purchased during the pandemic.

Amongst those who say they regretted items bought during the pandemic, gaming equipment was the most common culprit for buyer’s remorse, with 45% regretting games and consoles.

Clothes and tools tied for second place at 43%, and home gym equipment close behind for 39% of people who bought these items.

Home gym equipment is another item most likely to be no longer used, at 49% of purchases made during the pandemic, closely followed by musical instruments, with 48% no longer using them.

The cost of regret is also high. Those who wish they hadn’t made purchases spent an average of £1,376 on regretted items. And with 10% of buyers admitting they have had second thoughts about these possessions, this adds up to a national tally of £6.6 billion of lamented spending.