What is the ideal home?

10th June 2021

What is the ideal home?

What is the ideal home?

Like with fashion, there are trends in home decoration and design. In the late 1990s homes went through a ‘Home Front’ stage where everything was distressed or mimicking the designs of Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen and then we went quite clean with various shades of white and beige.

The Channel 4 show Grand Designs which follows people building their dream home has featured some very unique homes from timber-framed homes to Huf Houses and even underground buildings. 

With so many options these days and the ability to get inspiration from tv shows, social media and design magazines, it is clear that there are a lot of sources to help with creativity. But what does your ideal home look like? Is it big or small, a flat or a house? 

In truth, none of us are the same, and we all have our own opinions and tastes when creating that ideal home. That said, there are some core values that most of us desire in our dream home, more now than ever before. 
Let’s dig a bit deeper. 

Some Key Values To Creating The Ideal Home


Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces is a luxury. We should consider ourselves lucky if we would have access to the beauty of nature in close proximity. If this luxury doesn’t present itself, why not bring the outside to the interior of our homes? 

Be it through plants, color, texture and light. No one could deny the healing properties of nature. 

Quality materials

Quality, durability, and ease of maintenance. I believe these three elements are important in considering furnishings and accessories. 

You want your rooms to look new, fresh and clean long after any decorating, so making sure you shop wisely and use quality materials is important. 


This might seem a bit odd but location is vital when creating that ideal home environment. Whether one prefers to be in the heart of the city or one longs for the serenity of the outskirts is a matter of personal preference. But wherever one chooses to be is a reflection of one’s personality and priorities.

Your home shouldn’t be the only thing that makes you feel homely and comfortable, your location should too. You should be able to leave your front door and be in a place that is suited to your lifestyle and personality. 

Safety and security

An ideal home offers it's residents a safe and secure living environment. Strong doors and windows, advanced lock system and burglar alarms all make for a safe environment. 

Airy and well-ventilated

Once taken for granted is now one of the priorities of homeowners. A well-lighted and ventilated room does wonders to one’s wellbeing.