Streetfood Markets to visit in East London

26th June 2021

Streetfood Markets to visit in East London

East London Streetfood Markets

A visit to East London isn’t incomplete without visiting at least one of our streetfood markets. 

So, if you’re looking for something tasty whilst on the move, you can’t go wrong with experiencing the East London Streetfood life. 

Best Streetfood Markets in East London


Exmouth Market

This small weekday market provides around 20 artisan street food stalls, selling a variety of international dishes. Based in a business area, workers could enjoy their lunchtime tasting traditional French crepes, red and green Thai curry chicken and also traditional Indian flavours from the Gujariti Rasoi trader. 

Fact about Exmouth Market: 

Have you ever wondered why this Islington street got named after a Devon seaside town? Well, the answer involved a daring raid to rescue 3,000 people from slavery in 1816.
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Spitalfields Food Market

Spitalfields Market offers contemporary brands & innovative gourmet street food, all under one roof. Historically one of London's oldest markets, Spitalfields market is now open every day of the week, all year-round. The partially covered market engages a variety of events as well open to the public.
As one of the best food markets in London, Spitalfields Market is the place to be to get addicted to new tastes and gourmet cuisines.

Fact about Spitalfields Market:

Lying in the heart of the East End, it is an area known for its spirit and a strong sense of community. It was in a field next to the priory where the now-famous market first started in the thirteenth century.

Spitalfields had been relatively rural until the Great Fire of London. By 1666, traders had begun operating beyond the city gates – on the site where today’s market stands. The landmark Truman’s Brewery opened in 1669 and in 1682 King Charles II granted John Balch a Royal Charter giving him the right to hold a market on Thursdays and Saturdays in or near Spital Square.
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 Broadway Market


The market between Regent’s Canal and London Fields provides a huge selection of artisan food. Every Saturday, you can taste delicious bread, cakes and assortments of cheese. Not only high-quality street food, but you can also shop for resh fish, organic meat, fruit and vegetables at special prices.

Fact about London Fields:

Still today an open space, London Fields was the last overnight grazing ground for hungry livestock – leaving us with reminders all around; Sheep Lane, Lamb Lane and of course the Cat & Mutton Pub (formerly the Shoulder of Mutton & Cat).

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Brick Lane

One of the best ways to spend your Sunday is to visit East London’s most renowned street food market. You can find everything and experience exciting tastes from all over the world. The list is long and some traders change every week. 

Fact about Brick Lane:

In the 16th century, the ground in the area was discovered to be full of clay, useful for creating bricks and tiles. After the Great Fire of London, demand for bricks increased and a kiln was installed at the northern end of the road. Bricks were then transported down the length of the street to Whitechapel Road.
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