Please Avoid Quick Cash For Property Companies

4th September 2020

Please Avoid Quick Cash For Property Companies Far too many homeowners in London are selling their homes needlessly on the cheap.

Sadly for many, a quick property sale is essential due to financial issues or change in personal circumstances.

With the unwinding of the furlough scheme & recession, I fear a rise in those seeking a quick property sale to realise cash quickly.

Many will sadly bypass local agents & turn to unregulated ‘Quick Property Buying Companies’. You may have seen their adverts online & in the classifieds.

Here’s some of the unscrupulous tactics I’ve witnessed.

1. Over promising on their initial offer to reel you in.
2. Drag their heels & delay once you’ve accepted their offer.
3. At the 11th hour, slash their offer & blame the market or the Surveyor’s findings.

Some sellers may be reluctant or embarrassed to have their home openly marketed. But a great local estate agent won’t necessarily need to openly advertise or use a ‘for sale’ board.

Agents will know local homebuyers & honest investors often able to perform swiftly & pay the deserved price for your home with just a few discreet phone-calls & viewings.

Please Londoners, if you need a quick property sale, speak to the best local agents & avoid the ‘quick cash buying companies.

Less stress and your bank balance will thank you.