Petrol Shortages & House Prices.

27th September 2021

Petrol Shortages & House Prices.

Some may say I’m pushing the boundaries by linking the queues for petrol with house prices but hear me out...

I was showing a new to the market house on Saturday.  Signs were looking good with 16 viewers booked in to see it through the course of the morning. 

But, with roads in the local area absolutely rammed due to queues for petrol, several of the viewers were unable to attend.

Now, I’m pleased to report offers were received from some of those able to attend. 

However, myself and the vendor would run the risk of not achieving the best price by not mopping up those that couldn’t attend on Saturday with viewer viewing slots.

So we've arranged further viewings for this week (petrol shortage permitting).

But with an offer on the table already, I wonder if other agents may be tempted to cut corners, not bother with further viewings and simply recommend the owner accept an offer from Saturday’s viewer without the car?

If viewers are unable to attend and not every buyer gets the opportunity to view, sellers do run the risk not achieving the best price for their home.