Never Reveal Your Bottom Line.

11th March 2021

Never Reveal Your Bottom Line.

'What the lowest price the owner will accept?'

This is a question I’ve been asked twice this week on properties in East Ham and Tottenham and it eally bugs me. 

To make matters worse, some agents have the cheek to ask their clients the very same question. 

No seller should ever reveal the lowest price they’d be willing to accept.  The seller’s bottom line is none of the business of any buyer or the estate agent handling the sale.

Any agent worth their salt should be focused purely on securing the best possible price for the seller and not dream of asking such an unprofessional question. 

If an offer is made that shy of the quoted asking price, I’ll often give my clients two choices.

1.    Reject the offer with a polite ‘thanks but that’s not enough.’

2.    Decline the offer but provide an indication of what would be acceptable by way of a counter offer.  I

Counter offers work well as they give the buyer a rough steer on price expectations that don’t in any way shape or form reveal the bottom price that would be acceptable.

Alas, some agents need reminding that their client is the seller, not the buyer.