Mechanics, Surgeons & Estate Agents.

1st February 2021

Mechanics, Surgeons & Estate Agents. If your car's engine needs some attention, you need a skilled mechanic.

If you require an operation, you’ll need the services of a surgeon with specific expertise in that particular type of surgery.

Property should be no different.  When it’s time to sell your East or North London home, it’s best to place the sale in the hands of an expert if you want less stress and your bank balance to thank you.

Back to the surgeon for a moment...

If you require an operation you’d likely have a long list of questions before going under the knife;

What are the risks?
How long will it take?
Have you done this type of procedure before?
Can you share success stories?

And the greater the experience, the more reassured you’ll be and experience should equate to success.

Now back to property...

I’ve been an agent for over 20 years but it’s rare that I’m asked the really important questions;

What are the risks? (There’s plenty of possible pitfalls when moving).
What’s your experience, have you sold many homes like mine?
What’s your success rate in terms of % of the asking price achieved
How long will it take you to find a buyer?
What do you do once a sale is agreed?

I’m typically asked just the basics, how much I charge and what the property is worth.

Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of poor or average estate agents.  But estate agents aren’t all created equal and a great one should be worth their weight in gold.

Great estate agency takes skill, practice, determination and a knack for ensuring the best price is achieved with the least amount of stress.

So when it comes to selling your East or North London home, make sure to ask estate agents the most important questions of all.